A guide to how your bill is calculated

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A guide to how your bill is calculated

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The cost of your order depends on the options you select for your items, as well as your chosen shipping method. 

Your final bill is made up of four sections, as shown during Checkout in the Popsa app:

  • Basket Items 
  • Delivery Address
  • Shipping Method
  • Payment Method

Once your order has been placed, you can find your order reference number in your Order History. If you require a receipt for business or personal reasons, you can request a VAT invoice after payment.

If you have used Klarna to pay after your items are delivered, you'll still see a breakdown of your bill at checkout. 

How your basket items are displayed

Your Basket will display any items you've added, plus the option to Add Another Item and/or Redeem Codes and Offers. All prices are shown in Order Details before you confirm your order. If you enter a voucher code your discount will also be shown here. 

  •  Subtotal + shipping cost = total bill (including VAT)

Note Any discounts will be included in the subtotal amount. A guide to how discounts are applied will give you more information on this.

Payment method

Popsa accepts various payment methods, depending on your location.

Refunds and cancelled orders

If you request a refund or cancel your order, you can contact us for a breakdown of your refunded amount. Please check the processing time for refunds before getting in touch.


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