Change the details of an order for up to one hour

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Change the details of an order for up to one hour

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After placing your order, you have a one-hour grace period in which you can make changes via the Popsa app. As well as being able to edit a design after placing your order, you may need to make changes to the delivery or contact information you provided.

To make changes – or cancel your order – beyond one hour of placing your order, you will need to contact our customer service team with your order reference number. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any orders or edit any designs that have been sent to our printers.

Change or edit a delivery address

Make sure you check the delivery address on your order before submitting.

To change the delivery address in the app:

  1. Tap on Order History
  2. Choose the most recent order
  3. Tap Make Changes
  4. Tap Edit Delivery Address
  5. Type a new or edit the existing delivery address


View the status of your order to confirm your information is updated.

Note Changing the delivery address will not send your order to a second address.


Change or edit your contact phone number

To change or edit the phone number on your order beyond the one-hour grace period, you will need to  contact our customer service team. Unfortunately, if your order has been dispatched you will not be able to change the phone number.

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