Learn about how your order passes quality control

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Learn about how your order passes quality control

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Once your order is placed, you have a one-hour grace period to make any changes before it's sent for printing. Our printers perform routine checks on your design during printing, after printing, during binding and before packaging.

When the necessary quality checks have been completed, your product is packaged and dispatched for delivery.

Packages from Popsa 

We use bespoke, branded packaging for all of our products, so you'll easily recognise each delivery. Our packaging comes in various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of your items, and to ensure they're protected during transit.

Problems with your delivered items

If you receive a product that you're not completely satisfied with, read our guide to troubleshooting issues with your delivered items.

Quality checks and your data

In line with GDPR, Popsa performs spot checks to ensure that print quality is of the highest standard, and that the content of the print is decent and legal. 


Note If your order is found to contain indecent images or illegal material we have a duty to report it to the relevant authorities.

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