Request a refund

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Request a refund

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Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If there's a problem with your order you can request a reprint. If we're at fault and you do not wish to proceed with a reprint of your order, you can contact our customer service team for a refund. To process this, you will need to find your order reference number and, if possible, attach photos of the issue in question. 

Refund requests

Refunds are only issued when we've made an error and you don't want a reprint.
Valid refund requests include:

  • Manufacturing issues caused in the printing process
  • Three failed delivery attempts, when all delivery information was submitted correctly
  • Placing an order by mistake, provided it hasn't been printed
  • Submitting the wrong quantity, provided your order hasn't been printed
  • Missing photos in your design that prevent your order from being printed

Note In most cases, delivery of your order will be cancelled if a refund is issued.


Denying refund requests

Unfortunately, a refund cannot be processed if you receive your order and it matches the design you submitted. We strongly advise that you thoroughly review your design in the Popsa app before submitting it to be printed. The window of time to cancel your order is limited, and once printing has begun we can no longer issue refunds. 

Other reasons for denying refund requests include:

Delivery refund requests

If your order has been severely delayed, you may be eligible for a partial refund. Please be sure to check the delivery address on your order for all deliveries that have not arrived 14 days after dispatch before you contact our customer service team. You can also track your shipment if you selected this shipping option when placing your order.


Note If you receive a damaged order, you can request a reprint.


Confirmation email

If you request a refund, you will receive a confirmation email – to your registered email address – from the Popsa customer service team.

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