Troubleshooting blurry photos

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Troubleshooting blurry photos

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All Popsa orders are printed in much higher definition (2400 dpi) than a phone screen. If a photo you're using has any defects, blurriness or pixellation, this is much more likely to show in print.

As a result, we recommend that you choose the highest resolution photos possible for your designs.

If you have lighting issues, try troubleshooting dark photos.

Avoid blurry photos

Some photos are more likely to appear blurry in print. Always check your final design in detail, before printing, and try to avoid:

  • Photos of photos. Use high-resolution scans for non-digital photos and avoid taking photos of photos
  • Screenshots of low-resolution web images
  • Photos that have been scaled up to fit within a frame. Move your photos around or change a template for more appropriately sized frames
  • Photos that were taken with an older camera or imported from an older device


Note Check out our guide to print quality scores for further assistance.


Blurry photos caused by manufacturing issues

If you believe your printed design contains blurry photos that are the result of a manufacturing error, please contact our customer service team to request a reprint.

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