Missing photos in your design

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Missing photos in your design

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If your design has missing photos, this is because Popsa has lost access to their source location. This is usually due to unstable internet connection, or the photos themselves being moved or deleted from their source location.

A lightning bolt icon in your design indicates a missing photo.

Connected apps and the Internet

Connect to a strong, stable WiFi signal to ensure Popsa can upload your photos. Don't log out of connected apps and photo sources or log out of your account before your photos have been uploaded. 

Correct missing photos before ordering

If Popsa can't find the photos you've selected, an on-screen warning will notify you. This will prevent you from continuing with your order, giving you the opportunity to edit your design.

You can rectify the issue by following these steps:

  1. Tap a missing photo frame featuring the lightning bolt icon
  2. Select an image from your library and add it to your design
  3. Repeat this for each missing photo

Note The Lightning Bolt icon indicates a missing photo. Empty spaces are indicated with a Landscape photo frame icon, and could be intentional on your part. See empty spaces in your design for more information.


Correct missing photos after ordering

In some cases, orders will complete faster than photos can be uploaded. There are a number of reasons for this, and you should view the status of your order to ensure your photos have uploaded successfully. Please do not move, delete or disconnect the source of your photos until you confirm they have been uploaded.

If there are missing photos in your design after an order is placed, we'll email you so that you can edit your design within the one-hour grace period.

If you haven't removed photos from your device, but they're failing to upload, you can resume photo uploads that have stopped working.

Reorder your design

If you're unable to resolve missing photo issues with the steps above, please contact our customer service team.

They may:

  1. Help you identify the location of your missing photos
  2. Ask you to duplicate your design
  3. Provide you with a voucher code for the cost of your order
  4. Help you either replace a photo or delete a photo in the missing frame
  5. Ask you to enter the voucher code to reorder your design

Icons and their meaning

Icon What it means How to correct
ICON_NO_CONNECTION.png Internet connection unavailable
  • The app is unable to connect to the internet
  • Check your connection
  • Try turning WiFi Off/On
  • Reopen the app
iconPhotoErrorCloud_3x.png Apple Photos or iCloud issue
  • The app is unable to connect to Apple's servers
  • If you are near your storage limit try to make some space available
  • Check your device is running the latest software version
  • Check your device is running the latest Popsa app
  • Restart your device
iconPhotoErrorDropbox_3x.png Dropbox unavailable
iconPhotoErrorFacebook_3x.png Facebook unavailable
iconPhotoErrorGooglephotos_3x.png Google Photos unavailable
iconPhotoErrorInstagram_3x.png Instagram unavailable
ICON_PHOTO_ERROR.png Missing photos
  • The app is unable to locate your photos
  • Quit and restart the Popsa app
  • Ensure the photos are still available
ICON_PHOTO.png Empty spaces
ICON_PHOTO_ERROR_NOT_ON_DEVICE.png Photos not on this device
  • You can open your Popsa account on multiple devices
  • However, this might mean that photos in your design are not available on all your devices
  • Open the Popsa app on the device containing the original photos
ICON_PHOTO_ERROR_POPSA.png Popsa server can't be found
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