Empty spaces in your design

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Empty spaces in your design

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Spaces for photos are represented by a blank frame with a landscape photo icon in the centre.

If you delete a photo or change a template in your layout, you can select the blank frame to insert more photos.

Any frames that are not filled will be processed as a blank space in your selected background colour, and no frame borders or icons will be printed. You can leave blank pages and spaces in any layout. 

Intentional use of empty frames

You may choose to leave spaces in your layout for stylistic purposes. You can change the template to your desired layout and proceed without a photo in your frames.

For example, you can:

  • Leave space for a handwritten note
  • Add some text to your photobook
  • Order individual prints to stick in for a ‘scrapbook’ feel
  • Leave blank spaces to customise your layouts

Missing photos

Missing photos in your layout are identified as empty frames with a lightning bolt icon in the centre. Missing photos occur when Popsa can no longer access the source of the photo.

Missing photos are considered an error and, if you have any, your order will not be able to progress to printing.

Connecting to a strong, stable WiFi signal will ensure Popsa can successfully upload your photos. Do not log out of connected apps and photo sources or log out of your account before your photos have been uploaded. 

If you have missing photos in your layout, try to resume photo uploads that have stopped working, or replace the photos manually.

Reattach missing photos

  1. Tap a missing photo frame featuring the lightning bolt icon {icon}
  2. Select an image from your respective library and add it to your design
  3. Repeat this for each missing photo

Empty spaces once you’ve placed an order

You have a one hour grace period to edit a design after placing an order. You are not able to add more photos to a placed order.

To edit your design after the one-hour period, you will have to contact our customer service team for assistance. Unfortunately, we are unable to edit or cancel your order if it has been processed for printing.

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