Learn why some basket items arrive separately

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Learn why some basket items arrive separately

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There are a few reasons why your basket items might arrive separately.

Common reasons

  • Some Popsa products are only printed in certain locations. If two different products are processed in the same order, they might still be printed in separate facilities.
  • Large orders will be sent in multiple shipments, as packaging is restricted to prevent damage to a product.
  • Printing times of the products differ. If one product is ready before other items in an order, the completed product will be shipped first.

Individual orders will be sent separately 

If you place multiple orders on the same day, even within a small space of time, each individual order will be sent separately and cannot be modified unless you cancel your order.

It's possible to change the details of an order for up to one hour, but you will not be able to combine individual orders. If you wish to do so, you'll need to contact our customer service team.


Note If you wish to send your order to a second address, each order will have to be processed separately.

Tip There is a guide to how discounts are applied when orders are processed together; this can help you to decide whether you should order products individually, or all at once.


Printing times

Popsa delivers to 50 countries around the world. You can view a list of delivery countries, and learn more about the shipping couriers by country, for your shipment in our shipping guide.

Prints have the shortest printing time as they do not have to be bound together after drying.

Photobooks and ornaments usually take four working days to complete.

Printing times can vary depending on the design. For example, a softcover photobook with no additional upgrades will take less time to print and assemble than a hardcover photobook with extra pages.

Printing times cannot be expedited, but shipping times do vary. For our fastest shipping option, choose Rush Shipping when placing your order.

Popsa has various printing partners in international locations to keep delivery times as short as possible. You can always estimate your delivery time.

Printing partner locations

  • UK
  • Czech Republic
  • Netherlands
  • USA
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