Replace a photo

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Replace a photo

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You can replace any of your photos when editing your book. You can also crop a photo, move your photos around or delete a photo as required.

If you're unhappy with a chosen photo, you can easily replace it with an alternative.

How to replace a photo

  1. Locate the photo you would like to delete in your design
  2. Tap the photo to open the Edit Photo screen
  3. Tap Replace to open the Select Photos screen
  4. Navigate to your preferred photo and tap the photo


Your new photo will replace the original in the same frame.

To remove all photos on a page, you can delete pages to save time. Alternatively, if you're struggling with space, you can add pages to create extra space.


Tip You can duplicate a design and experiment with different photos and layouts before ordering.


Bear in mind

Tip A guide to print quality scores will display when you crop a photo.


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