Change page colours

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Change page colours

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Changing the colour of individual pages is easy. You can make your cover a different colour to the rest of your pages, or even have a different colour for every page. It's up to you.

If you'd prefer to have no colour, select All White. You can even remove the borders around your photos – see below to find out how.

You can also change the type of Photobook or change a template of each page before placing your order.

Colour categorisation

There are four different colour categories to select from:

  • Pastel – Softer hues
  • Vivid – Vibrant and bold
  • Deep – Stronger, darker colours
  • Textures – Materials and patterns

Change the colour on an individual page

  1. Tap Options in the top-right corner of the desired page or cover
  2. Select Change Theme
  3. Choose a category at the top
  4. Select a colour for that page or cover
  5. Repeat the process for each page, as desired


Change the theme of the entire photobook

  1. Tap Theme in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen
  2. Choose a category at the top
  3. Select a colour for your photobook



Tip The Reset All button, which appears at the top right when selecting a page theme, allows you to change that page back to the overall theme of the photobook.


Your choice of colour can be affected when you change the paper finish.

Try various themes to see the differences between Matte and Gloss finishes, and explore your design in 3D with Augmented Reality before placing your order.

Christmas themes

There are two themes available for Christmas, located in the Textures category. 

Remove background colour (remove borders)

If you don't want a background colour, you can remove the borders around your photos. 

To remove borders from the individual pages:

  1. Tap Borders, in the top-right corner of the desired page
  2. The borders will disappear
  3. Tap again to restore them



Note Borders around bodies of text in a template cannot be removed.


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