Adding a title and subtitle

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Adding a title and subtitle

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Titles are great for adding context to your photos. You can use them to catalogue a series of photos, express your feelings, highlight important names and dates, and more.

Popsa has a variety of cover templates, each with suggested text box layouts, for you to edit and format. Changing the template is easy, and your title and subtitle will adapt to fit the new template.

For internal pages, you can also add captions, and some templates allow you to add text to the page itself.


Note Some cover templates provide more options for editing your text than others.

Tip Subtitles cannot be added to ornaments.


How to add and edit a title and subtitle

Once you configure your product and select your photos, you'll be prompted to enter a title and add a subtitle. Tap the text editor to edit your title. To confirm, tap Create in the top right-hand corner.

To edit your title afterward:

  1. Tap the Menu icon on the top right of your cover page
  2. Tap Edit Title in the menu to launch the text editor
  3. Add your title and subtitle
  4. Confirm by tapping the Tick icon


Alternatively, you can edit your title by tapping the text on the cover.

You can also: 

  1. Tap the Options icon on the floating toolbar
  2. Tap Edit Title in the menu to reveal the text editor


Editing options vary depending on your chosen cover template. To change your template:

  1. Tap the Template icon on the top right of your cover page
  2. Select the desired template


Depending on your cover template, you'll be able to edit things like:

  • Text alignment
  • Text size
  • Font style
  • Horizontal and vertical positioning

Bear in mind

  • Titles and subtitles are limited in character length, as shown by the counter above the keyboard
  • Undo and Redo buttons are provided when editing the title
  • You can change the title and subtitle as many times as you like
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