Estimate the time until dispatch

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Estimate the time until dispatch

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All Popsa products are made to order, which means the manufacturing time of each order can vary. We usually allow 3-4 days for your order to be printed.

You can view the status of your order in the Popsa app and, if you have notifications turned on, you will be notified throughout the process. You can also estimate your delivery time and track your shipment after your order has been dispatched.

All of our products are manufactured with care, and as efficiently as possible. There's no way to speed up the printing process for an individual order, but you can expedite a delivery when shipping your order to arrive sooner.

For orders that have not been dispatched after seven days, be sure to check the status of your order, before contacting customer support.

The printing process

Order confirmation and photo uploading

Once your order is confirmed, your photos will begin to upload. Upload times will vary depending on the number of photos in your design. If this process is interrupted, you're likely to find missing photos in your design.

This is usually caused by removing, disconnecting, or changing the location of the photo source. Read resume photo uploads that have stopped working for more information.

Day 1 - Printing

Once your photos have uploaded, Popsa will begin the printing process. This typically takes a day, but will depend on the product, volume of pages, and any selected upgrades. During this time our printers perform routine quality control checks. Once the printing process has started no more edits can be made.

Day 2 - Binding and glueing

The binding and glueing process is specific to our Photobook and Photobooklet range. This process takes roughly one day, depending on the type of book you selected.

Day 3 - Quality control

Your order will then go through a series of quality control checks. Learn more about how your order passes quality control before being packaged and dispatched.

Day 4 - Packaging and dispatch

We use branded, protective packaging to keep your order safe during transit. If you selected Tracked or Rush Shipping, you'll be able to track your shipment.


Note The timeline in the app is an estimation.


Bear in mind

  • To estimate when your order will arrive, combine your estimated delivery time with the predicted production time of 3–4 working days.
  • If you've ordered multiple items, you may find that some basket items arrive separately. In these circumstances, you may receive multiple tracking numbers, depending on the shipping option you selected.

Troubleshoot your order

If your order is damaged or poorly printed, please contact our customer service team to request a reprint.


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