Troubleshooting issues with your delivered items

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Troubleshooting issues with your delivered items

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If you have an issue with your delivered Popsa order, we'll do everything we can to help.

If the problem was caused by the manufacturing process, or the delivery itself – for example damaged or poorly printed orders – you can contact our customer service team to request a reprint. Please provide photos, and include as much information as possible to help us avoid future issues.

Checking the design

If there's a problem with the design of your item, please check the order you submitted in the Popsa app to confirm the designs don't match.

  1. In My Designs tap Order History
  2. Tap the order you wish to view
  3. Scroll through each layout to check whether your item was printed to your specification


Printing issues

All orders are printed using state-of-the-art equipment, to avoid issues wherever possible. However, if you think you've received a poorly printed order, please contact our customer service team.

Our guides on troubleshooting dark photos and troubleshooting blurry photos provide help with a few common issues.


If you've not received every item in your order, this could be because they're being shipped separately. Find out why some of your basket items arrive separately and how to estimate your delivery time.

In the rare event that you receive extra copies you weren't expecting, you may keep the extra copies, and won't be asked to return them. You can view the status of your order to make sure you didn't order them by mistake.

However, if you need to report the receipt of someone else's order, please contact our customer service team immediately.

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