Redeem your welcome discount

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Redeem your welcome discount

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Every new Popsa customer receives a complimentary welcome discount. When you create a new account, the discount will be applied to your first order automatically. 

View our guide to product prices and our guide to how discounts are applied for more information on pricing.

If you've created a new account and have not received your welcome discount, please contact our customer service team.

How to apply the welcome discount

Your welcome discount will be deducted automatically, but to view the breakdown, or to make sure it's being applied correctly:

  1. Create your design
  2. Tap Next to proceed to Order Details
  3. Confirm the details
  4. Tap View In Basket in the top right-hand corner
  5. Tap Redeem Codes and Offers below your designs to view any codes or offers you have available


Bear in mind

  • Your Basket is located in the top right-hand corner of your screen
  • If you’re ordering multiple prints or ornaments, here’s a guide to volume discounts

Terms and conditions

Your welcome discount is automatically applied to the cost of any items in your first order. This includes upgrades, such as the ultra-HD gloss paper finish.

You can only use one voucher code per order. Since the welcome discount is applied to first orders, you can save any other voucher codes you have for future orders. Or, if you'd like to enter a voucher code in place of the welcome discount, you can remove your welcome discount. It'll be saved for future use.


Note Welcome discounts are not applied to shipping costs.


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