Edit a design after placing an order

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Edit a design after placing an order

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If you need to edit your design after placing an order – for example if you need to correct the position of a photo or fix a typo in your title – Popsa offers a one-hour grace period in which to do so.

Not all design features are editable once an order has been placed; see 'features not available once an order is placed' below.

Once you're happy with your edits, check the delivery address to make sure your items arrive at the correct destination.

How to edit a design

You can make certain edits to your design by using the Popsa app:

  1. Tap Order History
  2. Select the most recent order
  3. Tap Make Changes
  4. Tap Edit Layout
  5. Make the necessary changes


Features not available once an order is placed

There are a few things you can't edit after placing an order, even during the one-hour grace period. These include:

If you are still within the one-hour grace period and need to make the above amends, you can duplicate a design, make the required amends and reorder. Then, simply cancel your original order within the one-hour grace period.

After the one-hour grace period

Orders are usually sent to the printers as soon as the one-hour grace period has passed, to ensure a speedy delivery. At this stage, no further amends can be made to your design.


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