Adding captions

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Adding captions

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With our text editor, you can add captions to the bottom of your pages.

If you require more space to type, certain templates allow for larger amounts of text to be added to your pages.


Note You can’t add captions to the front cover. However, you can add a title and a subtitle.


How to add a caption

To add a caption using the Popsa app:

  1. Tap the Options icon on the top right of the page you wish to add a caption to
  2. Tap Add Caption from the menu sheet to open the caption editor
  3. Type your caption (up to 90 characters)
  4. Confirm by tapping the Tick icon, or cancel by tapping the cross icon


How to edit a caption

To edit a caption:

  1. Tap on any existing caption in your design
  2. Or tap Options from the desired page and Edit Caption


When editing your caption, you can adjust the following:

Text alignment:

  • Left-aligned
  • Centre-aligned
  • Right-aligned

Text Size:

  • Heading 4
  • Subheading 1 
  • Subheading 2
  • Body

Font style:

  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Classic
  • Confident
  • Rounded

Note Changing the text style may increase or decrease the character limit.

How to remove a caption

To remove your caption:

  1. Tap on any existing caption in your design
  2. In the caption editor tap the Rubbish bin icon
  3. Tap the Tick icon to confirm
  4. Alternatively, tap Options from the desired page and Remove Caption from the menu sheet



Note Captions cannot be added to Ornaments.



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