Move your photos around

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Move your photos around

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Popsa's printAI creates your layout automatically, but if you’d like to make tweaks, crop a photo or move it to another frame, it’s easy to do so. 

To swap a photo to another frame

  1. Long press the photo you wish to move
  2. Drag it to the desired location
  3. Drop it on the preferred empty frame or existing photo


To move a photo without swapping it

When you drag and drop one photo onto another, the images will swap places. It’s possible to add multiple pages or insert a new page without selecting any photos to fill these new pages; this creates empty frames that you can fill by adding new photos to your layout, or by moving existing photos.

Once a photo is moved into an empty frame, its original space will become vacant. You can either fill this space with another image or leave empty spaces for photos in your layout.

Select a photo for your front cover

The first photo you select when choosing images will not necessarily be your cover shot. By default, Popsa will assess multiple factors to select a suitable cover image. If you’d like to select your preferred cover image, you can simply replace a photo, delete a photo or move a photo into the cover frame.

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