Change the size of a design

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Change the size of a design

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It's easy to change the size of a design in the Popsa app. You can also change the type of photobook and change the paper finish. To help visualise the size and scale of your item, if your device supports it, you can try exploring your design in 3D with Augmented Reality.

How to change the size of a design

To change the size of your design using the Popsa app:

  1. Tap Next in the top right-hand corner of your layout
  2. In Order Details, scroll down to Upgrade Options
  3. Tap on Size
  4. Choose a new size


Once your order has been placed you're unable to change the size. However, If you are within the one-hour grace period you can duplicate a design, change its size and reorder. Make sure to cancel the original order within the one-hour grace period

Bear in mind

  • You can order Hardback Photobooks in medium, large, and extra large
  • Softcover Photobooks and Photobooklets can only be ordered in medium and large
  • You cannot order extra large Square prints

After the one-hour grace period

Orders are usually sent to the printers as soon as the one-hour grace period has passed, to ensure a speedy delivery. At this stage, no further amends can be made to your design.

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