Request a VAT invoice

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Request a VAT invoice

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Popsa provides a breakdown of your bill in the app; this can be found on both the Order Details screen and the Checkout screen. If you require an invoice for your bill, you can request one from Popsa.

We'll also send a copy of your receipt to your registered email address, along with an order confirmation.

To request a VAT invoice, contact our customer service team.

A breakdown of your VAT invoice

All VAT invoices from Popsa include:

  • Popsa's address, and the customer’s
  • An invoice number and date of purchase
  • The item, description of the item, shipping cost, VAT rate and total cost
  • If you have a custom VAT registration number, please provide it in your message to Popsa

Example invoice

Popsa Address
Archway House
81-81 Portsmouth Road
Surrey KT6 5PT
GB266 198371
Invoice Number: (Customer's order number)    
Invoice Date: (Date of invoice)    
Invoice to: (Customers name and address)    
(Product ordered)
(Product description)
VAT Rate: Subtotal:
(Total before shipping)
Shipping:     (Shipping cost)
Total:     (Total cost)

Processing times for VAT invoices

VAT invoices are generated when a Popsa agent deals with your request. 

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