Change the type of Photobook

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Change the type of Photobook

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There are three types of photobook for you to choose from:

  • Hardback Photobook
  • Softcover Photobook
  • Photobooklet


Hardback Photobooks are a premium product with durable, high-quality covers. The title of the book is printed on the spine, which helps them to stand out on your bookcase.


Softcover Photobooks are affordable gifts for friends and family, and work well as personal mementos of special occasions.


Photobooklets are great value, slim photobooks that start at 12 pages. Ideal for recording life’s little moments.

To change the cover type

  1. Select the design to amend
  2. Tap Next in the top right of the screen
  3. From Upgrade Options tap Type
  4. Select the type of photobook you wish to change to from the menu sheet


If you have selected the the wrong format by mistake, or change your mind, you can always delete a design and begin again with the preferred format.

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