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In this guide we'll cover:

Once you’ve downloaded the Popsa app, you’ll need to create an account to get started. This allows you to access your designs, settings, and customer data, such as addresses and payment details across multiple devices.

You can create an account using your email address and password, or you can sign in by connecting to your Facebook, Google, or Apple accounts.

If there's anything you're unsure about, please check our terms of service, privacy policy, or learn why you need to create an account.

Create an account with your email address

After creating your account, you'll be prompted to Get Started. To begin:

  1. Tap Email Address to sign in using your email 
  2. Enter your email address and tap Next
  3. Choose a password and tap Create Account
  4. A confirmation email will be sent to you – follow its instructions to finish setting up your account

Sign in with Facebook or Google 

You can also sign into Popsa using an existing Facebook or Google account. This way, you won't need to create a separate password.

Tapping the Facebook or Google buttons on the Get Started screen will launch your device’s native web browser. From here, you can allow Popsa to connect with your chosen account.


Note Creating an account using Google or Facebook does not give Popsa access to your personal data.


Sign in with Apple 

You can also set up an account using your Apple ID. Tap the Sign in with Apple button – you'll be prompted to review your information before signing in quickly and securely with Face ID, Touch ID or your device passcode.

Signing in with Apple allows you to mask your email address with a virtual email address assigned by Apple.


Note If you do choose to mask your email address, this may prevent us from locating your account in future, should you need any help.


Sign in to your account

Unless you've changed your sign-in method, you’ll sign in to Popsa the same way you signed up. For example, if you signed up with a Google account, you’ll sign in using your Google account.

If you signed up using your email address, you'll sign in using that email address.

You can sign in to Popsa using as many devices as you like. However, you’ll only be able to duplicate a design if the photos from that design are also stored on the new device.

To sign in using your email address:

  1. Tap the Email Address button on the Get Started screen
  2. Enter your email address and tap Next
  3. Enter password and tap Sign in

If you forget your password, you can reset it from the sign-in screen. When prompted to enter your password:

  1. Tap Forgot Password
  2. Confirm the correct email address is entered and tap Request Password Reset
  3. Open the email sent to your inbox and follow the instructions


Note For security, the link is only valid for a short period of time. To get a new link, simply repeat the above steps.


Log out of your account

It’s completely safe to close the app while you’re signed in. However, if you'd rather log out, you can do this in My Account.

  1. Scroll to the Account actions on the My Account screen
  2. Tap Log Out


If you haven't yet set a password for your account, you'll be asked to do so now.

Once logged out, you are taken to the Sign-in page.

Logging out of your account will not log you out of connected apps and photo sources. You'll need to do that separately.

Bear in mind

  • All of your designs and orders are saved when you log out
  • Be sure to sign in the same way you created your account. If you sign back in using a different method, you may create a new account by mistake
  • You can always delete your account at any time
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