Resume photo uploads that have stopped working

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Resume photo uploads that have stopped working

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Before we can print your order, your photos are uploaded to our servers. In some cases, photo uploads can be interrupted, which means your order cannot be printed. You can view the status of your order to make sure your photos have uploaded successfully.

After completing your order, you may receive a notification to let you know there are missing photos in your design. This is usually caused by removing, disconnecting or changing the location of the photo source.

Stable Internet and Photo sources

Connecting to a strong, stable WiFi signal is the best method for successfully uploading your photos. Do not log out of connected apps and photo sources or log out of your account before your photos have been uploaded. 

Resume photo uploads

If some of your photos won't upload, close the Popsa app and restart your device. After restarting, check that your device has a strong Internet connection, then reopen the Popsa app to resume uploading photos.

If the issue still occurs, contact our customer service team for help.


Note Once your photos are uploaded, your order is sent to print and you can estimate the time until dispatch.


Best practice

To ensure your photos upload as smoothly as possible, take the following steps:

  1. Make sure your device is connected to a strong WiFi signal
  2. Leave the Popsa app open until all of your photos have uploaded
  3. Make sure your photo sources are connected while photos are uploading
  4. View the status of your order to ensure all photos have uploaded successfully
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