A guide to avoiding cropped heads

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A guide to avoiding cropped heads

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Popsa's printAI technology assists you with your layouts, allowing you to create beautiful designs from your photos in seconds. We try to detect the main focus of your photos and crop them accordingly to suit the layout you've selected.

You should always check your layouts before placing your order to ensure you are happy with the cropping of each of your photos.

Fixing cropped heads in your photos

You have a maximum of one hour to correct the position of a photo after you have placed an order.

If you notice a photo that requires adjusting during this grace period you can edit your design. To fix the crop of a photo:

  1. Tap the photo
  2. Pinch two fingers together on the photo to zoom out so the head is not cropped
  3. Use your finger to move the photo into the preferred position


Any edits you make need to be confirmed by tapping the checkmark in the top-right corner. Exiting out of the editor via the cross icon in the top-left will cancel any edits. You can revert to a previous crop using undo and redo.

For further information, be sure to check out how to crop a photo or move your photos around.


Note Zooming into a photo can make it appear blurry or low in quality. Keep an eye on the quality meter when adjusting your photo.


Note When editing a photo, the shaded area indicates where the crop begins.


Cropped heads in printed products

If you notice a poorly cropped photo after the one-hour grace period, or in your delivered item, you will need to contact our customer service team with your order reference number to discuss if anything can be done.

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