View the status of your order

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View the status of your order

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You can track your order status in the Popsa app. You can also estimate your delivery time and estimate the time until dispatch when placing your order. 

If your order status does not progress, please contact our customer service team.

View your order status in the app

  1. Tap on the Order History icon
  2. Tap the order you wish to view
  3. The status of the order is separated into three stages:
    1. Images Uploaded
    2. Printed
    3. Dispatched


If you edit a design after placing an order, there will be an additional step in your order status called Layout Adjusted. This is added between Images Uploaded and Printed.


Note You will also receive order updates via email to your registered email address.


Order update notifications

As your order progresses through the printing process, you'll receive order update notifications via the Popsa app, and to your registered email address.

Notifications cover:


  • Processing
  • Images Uploading
  • Images Uploaded
  • Payment Successful / Payment Failed
  • Order Confirmed 

Printing process

  • Printing
  • Binding and Gluing – only sent for Photobooks and Photobooklets
  • Quality Control

Delivery process


  • Cancelled by user / Cancelled by agent
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