Cropping photos

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Cropping photos

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Popsa’s printAI crops and positions your photos to create great layouts for you photos. If you'd like to change any of these elements, it's easy to manually zoom in and out to crop your photos differently.

Be sure to check each photo to ensure it's cropped the way you want. If you don’t do this you may need to correct the position of a photo after you have placed an order.

For more tips, read our guide to avoiding cropped heads.

Zoom in or zoom out, or reposition a photo

Tapping any photo on a page opens the photo editor.

All edits need to be confirmed by tapping the checkmark in the top-right corner. Cancelling out of the editor via the cross icon in the top left will cancel any edits.

Editing tools

A set of tools underneath the photo allows you to:

  • Remove the photo, which clears the space and takes you back to the layout view
  • Replace the photo, which takes you to the photo selection view
  • Fill the frame by zooming in
  • Fit the photo into the frame by zooming out
  • Rotate the photo clockwise, 90º at a time
  • Toggle a Grid to help you place your photo accurately

To crop a photo to a specific size, or to remove part of a picture:

  1. Tap the photo
  2. Pinch two fingers together to zoom out
  3. Spread two fingers apart to zoom in 
  4. A double-tap toggles between a photo filling the space or fitting to it 



Note Scaling a photo can reduce the quality, making it appear blurry. Use the Quality meter to check the quality score of your edit.


Tip Use the Grid feature from the editing tools for extra guidance when aligning photos.

Tip Try cropping your photo before repositioning it. This will provide a focal point.


Print quality

The photo’s original resolution will have an impact on print quality, as will zooming in and out. Print quality is shown at the top of the screen, as a score out of 10. As you change the zoom level, the quality indicator updates in real-time.

Tapping the quality indicator displays a message that explains the quality rating; this will also show what percentage of an original photo your zoomed edit is showing.

Bear in mind

  • You can include borders on your page layout to ensure the edge of your photos aren't cropped when printed.
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